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Drive Revenue Through Company Culture

At Change Point, our mission is to rid workplaces of the ‘Sunday Night Feeling’ through culture to drive bottom-line results for organizations. What is the ‘Sunday Night Feeling’? The feeling that the 70% of employees in the US get on Sunday night knowing the next morning they have to go back to work. It’s the percentage of people who don’t like their job and are disengaged about what they do. It’s the percentage that limits an organization’a ability to be successful and profitable in our changing world.

We Help Define Your 'Culture Product'

With the speed of technological innovation and demographic changes, it is vital for companies to understand and adapt for long-term growth and success. The foundation of any great company is its people. Your human capital is the best way to a competitive advantage and drive results. In order to attract, engage, and retain the best talent, you must start looking at your culture like a product your employees buy or sell every day. Does your culture meet market demands? Let Change Point help create a world-class culture product.

What We Do

Through Keynotes, Workshops, and On-Going Consulting, Change Point guides clients to define and align their organization around a unique culture. This alignment creates an authentic and productive culture that drives bottom-line results. We help organizations that:

See high turnover and low engagement from their employees that limit growth and productivity

Find disconnect on direction, buy-in, and motivation between leaders of the organization and their employees

Seek to clearly define their purpose and why to communicate better with employees and customers

Want to establish a better work culture and work environment to create greater productivity from employees

Aim to attract more Millennials as customers and clients

Develop an organization strongly positioned for the changes in technology, people, and the work environments

Patrick Kelly

President & Founder

Patrick Kelly is the founder and President of Change Point Consulting.  He began his career in the corporate world working as a consultant for a global real estate organization, working with business owners all over the world on issues around growth strategies, attracting talent, marketing, and building engaging and empowering cultures.  
During his tenure, Patrick began to see common issues arise: the struggles of what lacking an authentic culture designed for today’s changing world will do to employee engagement and the ability to attract and retain great talent.  As a Millennial himself, he understands the mentality of the generation and the world they have grown up in. 
Through Change Point, Patrick helps companies get beyond generational stereotypes, understand the shifts in how we work, identify their unique culture, learn how to use culture to attract the best people, and build an engaged workforce across all generations.

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