Change Point’s Culture Roadmap Workshop Overview

“Patrick’s thought provoking ideas and exercises gave our team a whole new view of our culture and how to grow our teams. The leadership team left with a new vision and passion for the development of our business.” – Keith Ard, Executive VP, RE/MAX Gold

The workforce, and the way we work, is changing faster than ever.  Technological, social, and demographic changes have shifted how we work, why we work, and what employees expect from work.  Without a culture built for the world today, it becomes tougher to attract and retain great talent.

What happens when employees don’t buy-in or believe in the culture?  You see disengagement, high turnover, low productivity, lack of trust, and ultimately a negative impact on the bottom line.

Let Change Point guide your organization to create a strategic vision for your culture through our Culture Roadmap Workshop. 

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During this workshop, we will guide your team to:


Every organization has their own unique culture and identity. While most people can feel it, it can often be hard to articulate.  In order to leverage your full potential, you will learn how to define and align your culture to accomplish your larger organizational goals.  We will define and align:

  • Your mission, core values, and behaviors
  • The Change Point 7 Pillars of Culture: purpose, community, leadership, environment, entrepreneurship, development, and trust.
  • Your story to create an elevator pitch for your culture
  • Setting tangible culture goals with accountability for your organization



We will take an in-depth look at the larger changes affecting work and the workforce.  We will get beyond generational and Millennial myths.  We will get beyond employee generalizations to understand the individual.  We will learn how the technological revolution is changing what employees seek from work.  Finally, we will understand what the future or works looks like, and how to build a culture ready for those changes.



Culture cannot be dictated, it must be believed and lived by all those in the organization.  Having a roadmap is only the first step.  To create full alignment, you need buy-in from employees.  We will talk about how to bring your roadmap to life and get your employees to believe in the vision you’ve created.

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